Invest in your Akhira

20 July 2024

14 Muharram 1446

Fajr Jama'ah


2 Hours 54 Minutes
Prayer Begins Jama'ah
Fajr03:16 03:45
Zuhr13:12 13:30
Asr17:23 17:45
Maghrib21:09 21:14
Isha22:15 22:30
Jumuah 13:30

Welcome to Depford Islamic Centre

At Deptford Islamic Centre, we have been proudly serving our local community for over 10 years. Our centre offers daily prayers, Jumu’ah as well as special events for Eid and Ramadan for both brothers and sisters. Join us and be part of our vibrant community!

The main entrance is through the large green gates normally used on Fridays to accommodate larger congregation. The smaller rear entrance is located off Kery road and used for daily prayers.